About the EUGO portal

This page gives all the infomation about The EUGO portal that a business person will need. The Eugo Slovenian portal is a state business point that helps foreign business entities from the EU, EEA Member Countries and the Swiss Confederation who want to do business in Slovenia.

The EUGO portal provides accurate information about the  procedures required for performing business activities in the Republic of Slovenia.  This method helps Slovenia meet the requirements of European directives and enables simpler and  friendlier operations in the market of the Republic of Slovenia. MORE+

The EUGO portal will be developed and enhanced through  2015. The contents will be supplemented, and  intensive consultations will be held with line ministries regarding amendments to legislation and the website's editing and maintenance. The Eugo portal is in the development stage which must be concluded by 2015 and is part of the PSC project (Points of Single Contact). MORE+

The  contents of the EUGO portal relate to the conditions and procedures for the implementation of activities. There are almost 1,000 regulated activities in Slovenia and we plan to publish the conditions and procedures for all of them; however, due to the complexity of contents, publication will be implemented in stages.

In the first stage, we will publish the conditions for service activities which are more marketable and the publication of which is stipulated by the European Directive on Services. After publishing all service activities, we will continue with production activities.


set Categoryreleasestatus
set 1craft, tourism, construction


set 2veterinary medicine, real estate, law, detective agencies, driving schoolsDecember 2012published
set 3healthcare, social services, protection and security, trade, justice, the environment, transport and logistics, hospitality and accommodationJune
in preparation
set 4energy sector, finance, education, sport, culture, agriculture, other personal and business servicesJune 2015in the plan

The first  professions to be published will refer to the fields of selected activities.

Professions are  connected with activities; they occur as the condition for the implementation of activities, or occur independently for those looking for  conditions relating to the implementation of a certain regulated profession.

The Eugo portal is part of the EUGO network of national business contact points.

The establishment of the Eugo portal is a significant upgrade of the e-VEM national website for national entities. It is a point of single contact for support relating to procedures of acquiring permits for performing regulated activities in the Republic of Slovenia.  

The Eugo portal is managed by the Ministry of Public Administration in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, as well as the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs.

The PSC project, which is developing the portal Eugo Slovenia, is partly financed by the ESS. The project is managed by the Ministry of Public Administration.