The development of the Eugo Slovenia

In July 2010, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the Action Plan for Establishing the PSC website - point of single contact to support procedures for obtaining permits to practise regulated activities in the Republic of Slovenia.

Due to the complexity of the PSC project, it was divided into two parts:- Point of Single Contact 1 /PSC1 (informational function) – a website that will offer all information on conditions and permits in the Republic of Slovenia to services providers and users from any Member Country in the Republic of Slovenia in a simple and transparent way.- Point of Single Contact 2/PSC 2 (process function) – the information selected on a qualitative basis on the PSC1 website will present the basis for implementing electronic support for procedures related to the issuing of various permits.

The PSC1 was taken over in 2010 by the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration - the Administrative Processes Directorate. The Directorate's mission is to simplify the business environment for the development of entrepreneurship in Slovenia by enforcing improved legislation and eliminating administrative obstacles. A special PSC1 project team was established, which is managed by Renata Zatler, MSc.

The PSC1 project is being implemented in three stages:

  • the analysis of regulations and list of conditions for the execution of activities (published on the website for foreigners/nationals),
  • cautioning about systemic irregularities in the current legislation and the preparation of proposed actions for amendments,
  • the introduction of better legislation, or deregulation, if necessary.

With the allocation of funds for the "Point of Single Contact 2 - Establishment of electronic procedures for a business website" project, on 13 June 2012, the second stage of the PSC project began, thus enabling the services providers from EU Member Countries and Slovenia the implementation of all formalities and procedures electronically (submission of application forms in electronic form, electronic submission of permits etc.). The first electronic submissions of applications will be enabled in 2013. The project PSC2 is managed by Alenka Žužek Nemec, PhD.

The PSC project is implemented within the scope of the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007-2013 with the following developmental priorities: Institutional and administrative capacity, priority axis 5.1: Efficient and effective public administration.