Engineering activities and consultancy

The activity consists of:

  • designing buildings and other structures,
  • technical installations (e.g. air-conditioning, ventilating and heating systems and installations, cooling technique),
  • plumbing installations, gas pipelines and other pipelines,
  • electrical installations (installations for transfer and distribution of electricity, installations for weak and strong current, fire and other alarm systems, communications installations),
  • designing machinery and devices,
  • production and technological processes, and
  • other designing and technical counselling, e.g.: engineering in the field of mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, acoustics, electronics, mining, chemistry, traffic etc.

In order to pursue the activity, conditions for a responsible project designer for engineering design from the field of a suitable profession shall be satisfied or the cooperation of an individual who satisfies these conditions shall be ensured

Conditions and evidence

Legal basis

Last updated: 04. 04. 2014