Land surveying

Land surveying includes geodetic measurements and observations, mapping and other works, procedures which are required to assemble and maintain real estate and land related information to perform property boundary surveying, and for technical purposes.

Land surveying and mapping may be pursued by a legal entity or a natural person who is registered in the Slovenian Business Register as a company or sole trader and provides surveying or mapping services. A surveying company may begin its land surveying activity if it has a professional liability insurance coverage and if, on the basis of an employment contract, it ensures cooperation with a responsible land surveyor. A surveying company may be entered in the directory of surveying companies with the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers.

A surveying company shall appoint a responsible land surveyor who is fully accountable for the professional execution of geodetic services for each of its product or work within the surveying and mapping activity. A land surveyor is an individual entered in the directory of certified engineers.

Procedures to prepare a detailed report for the determination of boundaries, for new measurements, boundary adjustments, land consolidation and land allotment, and for marking boundaries may only be conducted by a land surveyor with an identity card who is entered in the register of land surveyors with the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers.

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 31. 03. 2014