Industrial sea fishing

To pursue this activity, an entry permit and suitable personnel are required.

Industrial fishing is a fishing and gainful activity. This refers to:

  • searching for fish,
  • shooting, setting, towing, hauling of fishing gear,
  • taking catch on board,
  • transshipment,
  • retaining on board,
  • processing on board,
  • transferring,
  • caging,
  • fattening and
  • unloading of fish and fishery products.

The activity of industrial fishing may be pursued by legal and natural entities appropriately entered in the register of fishermen – natural entities.

To carry out the industrial fishing, the acquisition of an industrial fishing permit is required.

A legal or natural entity may also acquire a special industrial fishing permit to carry out the fishing upon the occurrence of winter schools of fish (grey mullets) and the mass occurrence of fish at coastal areas.

An entity pursuing the activity must have a valid industrial fishing permit, adhere to the industrial fishing restrictions and adequately carry out the first sale.

Slovenia has three fishing ports, namely Koper, Izola, Piran.

The majority of fishing activities is carried out in territorial waters. The capacity of fishing fleet (i.e. all fishing vessels entered in the register of fishing vessels) is 596.98 GT (gross tonnage) and 8,491.73 kW (capacity).

Conditions and evidence

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