Chimney sweeping services

Chimney sweeping services can be carried out by a chimney sweeping company or a sole trader, which have a permit to carry out the chimney sweeping service and are registered in a register of chimney sweeping services.

Chimney sweeping company must fulfil the requisite conditions before commencing activities and subsequently throughout the provision of chimney sweeping services.

Chimney sweeping services include the provision of the following services:

  • checking small combustion installations and related flue ducts, ventilation devices and auxiliary installations,
  • removing tar deposits and implementation of anti-corrosion protection,
  • checking and cleaning ventilation devices,
  • measuring the operating monitoring of emissions of substances into the air from small combustion installations, and informing users of public services on the energy efficiency of small combustion installations,
  • submitting information on small combustion installations to be entered in the record of combustion installations.                

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 28. 06. 2017