Repair of electronic and optical devices

The activity includes: 

  • repair and maintenance of measuring, testing, navigation and control devices and instruments, such as:
  • aircraft instruments,
  • devices for car exhaust emission testing,
  • meteorological instruments,
  • instruments devices for testing physical,
  • mechanic and chemical qualities of materials,
  • geodesic, geophysical instruments and devices,
  • instruments and devices for measuring and monitoring of radiation;
  • repair of medical radiation and electro-therapeutic devices, such as:
  • magnetic resonance imaging devices,
  • medical ultrasound devices, pacemakers,
  • hearing devices,
  • electrocardiographs,
  • electromedical endoscopic devices and
  • devices for monitoring and measurement of time and other similar devices;
  • repair of optical instruments, such as:
  • binoculars,
  • telescopes,
  • optical microscopes,
  • prisms,
  • lenses (except ophthalmic) and
  • photo devices, if intended primarily for professional use.

Conditions and evidence


Activities/services added to the sub-class (33.140) of the standard classification of activities under the questions and answers table (SORS):

  • Servicing of x-ray devices;
  • Repair of electrical devices (video cameras, laser detectors, displays, traffic lights, changeable information boards) installed on motorways;
  • Sensor replacement on a building.

Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

Last updated: 13. 03. 2017