Veterinary dispensary B

Veterinary dispensary B performs the activity of the public veterinary service of the preventive vaccination of pets against rabies in their own clinic. This can be done without a public tender, it also performs other public veterinary services on the basis of a public tender, except the performance of works as stipulated in the regulation which regulates the performance of systematic monitoring of infectious diseases and vaccinations in the current year.


  • monitoring the health of animals;
  • veterinary check-ups of animals;
  • consulting in the field of animal health protection, food and breeding pathologies from the veterinary aspect;
  • veterinary education of animal owners in relation to the implementation of veterinary activity;
  • providing instructions regarding hygiene in buildings intended for animal breeding, and hygiene in other facilities and devices from the aspect of health protection and the protection of animals and people;
  • urgent veterinary aid;
  • studying the effects of veterinary measures on the environment;
  • organisation and management of prevention, control and eradication of animal diseases and zoonoses;
  • indirect resolution of health-related questions of people, livestock production and technology, consulting;
  • ensuring preparations for defence and protection as well as the operations of veterinary services in war or in natural and other accidents as well as other accidents and in states of emergency;
  • ensuring the training of veterinary first-aid units within civil defence;
  • organisation of veterinary education for animal owners and the population;
  • expert education in the field of veterinary activity;
  • organisation and implementation of courses on basic information about contagious animal diseases;
  • prevention of environmental pollution with pathogens and carriers of infectious animal diseases;
  • monitoring the efficiency of, and ensuring the applicability of, individual means for disinfection, disinsection and deratisation;
  • measures for the sanitary treatment of effluents, manure, liquid manure;
  • examinations in the field of environment protection, air and water hygiene, waste water in livestock production and animal plants and waste treatment plants;
  • protection of animals against torture;
  • research on health protection and protection of animals;

Activities within the public veterinary service for which a concession is required:

  • Animal labelling and animal register management in accordance with regulations;
  • implementation of prevention measures, detection, treatment and eradication of animal diseases and health condition for reproduction,
  • implementation of measures for the prevention and elimination of sterility and insemination;
  • basic field and laboratory diagnostics for the detection of infectious animal diseases;

Veterinary clinic B can acquire a concession for the performance of a public veterinary service, if it is not financed from the state budget.

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 05. 05. 2014