Floor and wall covering

This activity entails:

  • covering, installing flooring, walls or ceilings in buildings and other construction objects with:
  • ceramic tiles,
  • concrete and stone tiles,
  • plaster and cardboard, metal and mineral boards,
  • parquet or other wood cover,
  • textile covers, linoleum, rubber, plastic cover,
  • natural stone, marble, granite slate cover for floor or walls,
  • tapestry, covering furnaces with ceramic tiles, turning and lacquering parquet.

This activity is on the list of activities usually carried out as a craft.

When registering the activity in the Business Register, business entities pursuing this activity as a craft must be entered ex officio in the register of crafts at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia (OZS).

Free entry in the register of crafts is performed based on a notification sent by the registering authority (AJPES) to OZS.

The following must be provided by the provider in the event of construction or other jobs:

  • for demanding facilities, he/she must appoint a responsible works manager for demanding facilities,
  • and for non-complex, simple and less complex facilities, a responsible works manager for non-complex, simple and less complex facilities.

When the provider only performs individual jobs in the construction, they must appoint a responsible manager of individual works for those works they are qualified for.

Legal basis

Last updated: 22. 04. 2016