The activity includes:

  • the preparation and sale of food and drinks in the restaurant, accompanied by an entertainment programme:
  • at restaurants,
  • pizzerias, restaurants with national cuisines,
  • restaurant carriages, ship restaurants etc., if they operate as independent units.

Restaurants are hospitality facilities that offer a wide range of warm and cold food, lunch and dinner menus, drinks. Food and drinks are served at tables.

A specialised restaurant also offers a specialised selection of food (e.g. fish restaurant, vegetarian restaurant, Chinese restaurant etc.).

No initial permit is required for carrying out a hospitality activity, which would prove the fulfilment of conditions.

These conditions are verified by an appropriate inspectorate. The facility, where hospitality activity is implemented, must be appropriately marked, has an appropriate operating permit , considers the minimum spatial conditions and has appropriately arranged outdoor areas. The minimum scope of services must be ensured for a specific hospitality facility, and it must operate regularly so that it is approved by the municipality. When implementing your activity, you need to consider the limitations of selling tobacco products and the restrictions of selling and offering alcohol beverages.

A hospitality services provider can offer individual products without special registration, if this offer is normal (tobacco products, souvenirs, tourist publications, desserts, salty items, chewing gums etc.) and they round up the provider's offer (dry meats, bottled drinks, coffee etc.).

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology | Last updated: 08. 08. 2016