Municipal wardens

The activity of traffic wardens may be organised only by an urban municipality or municipality with a municipal ordinance.

An urban municipality introduces municipal wardens and a municipality may introduce traffic wardens with an ordinance adopted by the municipal council at the proposal of the mayor.

Traffic wardens ensure public safety and order in the area of the municipality and are responsible for:

  • monitoring safe and unobstructed road traffic in settlements;
  • protecting roads and environment in settlements, and municipal roads outside settlements;
  • ensuring safety on municipal public paths, recreational and other public surfaces;
  • protecting public property, natural and cultural heritage;
  • maintaining law and order.

At the mayor's proposal, the municipal council adopts a municipal security programme with which it determines in more detail the type and scope of traffic wardens' tasks on the basis of an assessment of the security situation in the municipality.

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 14. 09. 2016