Tourist activity on a farm can be carried out by a farm with registered supplementary activity or as a company (e.g. as a sole entrepreneur).

"Osmica" sells and serves during twice a year, up to ten days each time.

The minimum technical conditions, the minimum scope of services for carrying out tourist activity on a farm "osmica", sanitary and health conditions for premises, equipment, devices and persons, as well as veterinary and sanitary conditions for the production of food of animal origin are also determined.

A farm that carries out a tourist activity, must be regulated, it must ensure sufficient materials for offering home made food and drinks, and it must provide sufficient staff.

It can offer guests only food from the home garden and home produced or processed drinks (open door farm, winery and "osmica"). With the permit issued by the competent authority, the farm can expand its offer with other home made dishes and purchase drinks.

Responsible: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology | Last updated: 09. 08. 2016