Technical inspections of cableway installations

Professional technical inspections of cableway installations can be performed by authorised organisations or sole entrepreneurs (hereinafter referred to as inspectors), who must fulfil the general criteria for inspectors in accordance with the SIST EN ISO/IEC 17020 standard.

The inspector must dispose at least with the equipment and qualified staff for: 

  • inspecting ropes with magnetically inductive method;
  • inspecting ropes with non-destructive method;
  • inspection of rescue equipment;
  • measurements of brake effects;
  • testing current impulse relays;
  • measurements of earthing devices;
  • assessment of corrosive rope damage;
  • equipment for establishing the accuracy of operations of speed measuring devices or the revolutions of the rope discs of cableway installations;
  • equipment for establishing the accuracy of operations of force measuring devices in the field.

Inspector, their managing authority and staff, responsible for implementing inspections, cannot be the designer, producer, installer or supplier of cableway installations or safety frameworks and subsystems of cableway installations which are being inspected, nor authorised representatives of such entities.

An inspector must conclude damage insurance.

An expert technical inspection must be implemented for each new cableway installation. If the cableway installation has not operated for more than one year, an expert technical inspection must be carried out before the start of operations.

The cableway installation operator must ensure the implementation of special inspections of cableway installations in operation.

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 08. 08. 2016