Motel activity is categorised as a hospitality accommodation activity.

A motel is a basic hospitality facility of a transitional type that is located along roads. It is adapted to short-term provision of basic hospitality services that include accommodation. It differs from other accommodation activities that it also ensures parking and garaging of motor vehicles including the option of servicing and supplying fuel for vehicles. Motel as a hospitality facility is specific due to its location – the position near the main road, near main traffic points or traffic hubs at the entry or exit from large cities.

Motels usually offer accommodation capacities that are smaller in extent in comparison with hotels. They have special physical and construction features including a smaller number of floors and ensuring space for vehicles (garages and parking). There are several types of motels where the elements of definition related to location, luxury level and type of guests. The location factor has impacted the development of the so-called city motels, which are characterised by a lower number of accommodation capacities and comfort, and especially by their location near large mobility terminals.

Motels are intended for motorised tourists and enable accommodation for a longer period of time. They offer guests numerous advantages for motor vehicles, a wide range of hospitality services especially in relation to food and drinks, they can also offer pools, gyms and shopping centres.

No preliminary decision on the fulfilment of conditions for carrying out a hospitality activity is required, but all conditions must be fulfilled, which will be supervised by competent inspectorates.

The facility where hospitality activity is implemented, must be appropriately marked, it must have appropriate operating permit and consider the minimum spatial conditions as well as have appropriately regulated outdoor areas. The minimum scope of services must be ensured for a specific hospitality facility, and it must operate regularly so that it is approved by the municipality. When implementing your activity, you need to consider the limitations of selling tobacco products and the restrictions of selling and offering alcohol beverages.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology | Last updated: 09. 08. 2016