Metallic coating of metals with metal

This includes: 

  • galvanisation,
  • tin plating,
  • zinc plating,
  • nickel plating,
  • dusting,
  • coating of metal on metal etc.

In the event that the activity is being pursued as a craft, it is necessary to obtain a craft business permit and be entered in the Craft Register at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia.

Conditions and evidence


  • Chemicals Act Legal and natural entities who produce hazardous chemicals in the Republic of Slovenia, who trade in hazardous chemicals or use hazardous chemicals, classified as classified as very toxic (T+) or toxic (T), must have authorisation for producing hazardous chemicals, trading with hazardous chemicals or use of hazardous chemicals, classified as very toxic (T+) or toxic (T). The permit is issued by the authority, competent for chemicals.

Detailed information on the conditions for the pursue of activity:

Source: Ministry of Health

Responsible: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology | Last updated: 07. 06. 2017