Librarianship includes:

  • collecting,treatment, storing and forwarding of library material,
  • providing access to the library material and electronic publications,
  • preparation of library catalogues, data bases and other information sources,
  • forwarding of library and other information products and services,
  • cooperation in the inter-library loan and forwarding of information,
  • acquisition and education of users,
  • information literacy,
  • protection of library material which is a cultural monument,
  • other library, archive and information work.

As per the professional principles, a library organises a collection of library material and sources of information to provide individuals and groups the access and use of its own material and related information, inter-library loan and external accessible information sources. 

According to the predominant circle of users the libraries are:

  • general (they carry out the library activity for the population in its environment, provide also services for groups of population with special needs),
  • school (they support the education process by conducting the library activity mainly for school-children, pupils, apprentices and students of higher vocational schools and professionals of these schools);
  • university (they support study and research process by conducting the library activity mainly for students university teachers and workers),
  • special (they carry out the library activity in individual scientific or expert fields),
  • national (is a central state library and a public institute).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Every library must have a director or a person responsible. The director of an independent library, who manages the professional work of the library, and the person responsible, who manages the professional work of the dependent library, must fulfil conditions for expert worker in a library.

The director of general library is appointed by the council of the general library on the basis of a public tender. The term of office is five years, while every person with at least university degree and who fulfils the conditions determined in the Article of Association may be appointed director.

The library activity is carried put mainly in public institutions as a public service, and only exceptionally also on the basis of the concession.

Conditions and evidence

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