Freshwater aquaculture

Further information may not yet be availible for some business activities. Please contact the Competent authority.

To pursue this activity, an entry permit is required.

This field includes:

  • freshwater fish breeding and aquaculture, also of ornamental fish in aquariums,
  • aquaculture of freshwater clams, molluscs, invertebrates, and other freshwater animals,
  • the production and breeding of roe and fingerlings of freshwater fish, crustaceans, and clams, the operation of freshwater fish farms,
  • frog and crocodile farming.

Aquaculture operators and suppliers are responsible for the farming of freshwater organisms.

A water permit issued by the Slovenian Environmental Agency is required for the farming of freshwater organisms.

All facilities intended for freshwater aquaculture must be entered in the register of facilities kept by the Animal Identification and Registration Division at the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary and Plant Protection.

Additional permits must be acquired by the farmer for the farming of fish intended for re-stocking.

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 09. 08. 2016