First measurements and operational monitoring of emissions of substances into the air

The first measurements are measurements of the emission of a substance into the air which are implemented after the first start of a new device or after the start of a device after a reconstruction or the first start of a new or reconstructed purification plant.

The implementation of first measurements and operational monitoring encompasses:

  • the preparation of the plan of measurements of emissions in the air, including the determination of the goals of measuring emissions of substances and the definition of relevant parameters of device operations in relation to the emission of substances into the air;
  • sampling and waste gases sampling strategy;
  • preparation of the time recording of the device operations and the evaluation of the season of device operations for preparing the assessment on annual emission of substances into the air;
  • measurement of substance concentration in waste gases and the recalculation of results of measurements per the unit of volume of dry or wet waste gases at standard conditions and with regard to the prescribed calculated content of oxygen in waste gases;
  • measurement and assessment of parameters of waste gases and operational parameters;
  • measuring volume flow of waste gases and the calculation of the mass flow of substances in waste gases, emission share, level of the reduction of emission, quantity of fibres and emission factor, if the regulations on the emission of substances in the air determine a limit value;
  • assessment of dispersed fugitive emissions into the air;
  • calculation of emission factors if limit values are determined for a device for which first measurements or operational monitoring are implemented;
  • preparation of a report on performed measurements of substance emission and the preparation of the assessment on annual emission of substances in the air.

The polluter is obliged to provide operational monitoring of the emission of substance in the air from immovable sources of pollution.

The polluter ensures operational monitoring by hiring a provider of emission monitoring from immovable sources of pollution, who has the authorisation for implementing such monitoring.

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 09. 08. 2016