First measurements and operational monitoring of waste water

The polluter or the obliged person is obliged to ensure operational monitoring. The implementation of first measurements or operational monitoring encompasses:

  • measuring the flow and watercourse temperature;
  • measuring the flow of waste water during sampling;
  • sampling of waste water;
  • measuring the temperature and pH value of waste water during sampling;
  • preparation, transport and storage of samples;
  • chemical, biological and eco-toxicological analysis of waste water sample with regard to basic and additional parameters and microbiological sample testing;
  • assessment of emissions, emission shares of produced heat and the calculation of annual quantity of waste water and annual quantity of pollutants;
  • the calculation of emission factor or the effect of waste water cleaning for an individual parameter, if the limit value is determined for the emission factor of the effect of cleaning waste water;
  • the calculation of the annual sum of environment pollution units due to waste water drainage, if this involves a device from which industrial waste water is drained, and the preparation of the report on measurements.

Operational monitoring of waste water can be performed by the person obliged to perform monitoring or a person with the authorisation for the implementation of operational monitoring of waste water.

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 09. 08. 2016