Raising of swine/pigs

To pursue this activity, an entry permit is required.

Pig farming is the breeding and taking care of pigs. A pig is an animal of the species Sus scrofa domesticus of any age, intended for reproduction and fattening. A sow is a female pig that has bred at least once.

The holder of the animal who is also its owner and the caretaker designated for the care of the animal is responsible for pig farming.

Prior to farming pigs, a holder of pigs must register their agricultural holding and be entered into the Register of Holders of Farm Animals kept by the relevant competent authority. 

A pig farmer must ensure that all of their animals are suitably marked and entered into the Pig Register (CRPš). A pig farmer is obligated to keep a Pig Register at their agricultural holding.

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 09. 08. 2016