Verifying the report on greenhouse gas emissions

The verification of the report on greenhouse gas emissions is performed by the verifier as a legal entity or other legal entity, which is accredited and issues a report on verification that the report on greenhouse gas emissions does not contain significant erroneous indications.

Prior to verification, the verifier assesses whether:

  • the report is complete and suitable;
  • the conduct was in accordance with the requirements of the greenhouse gas emissions permit and the monitoring plan;
  • the data in the device operator or aircraft operator do not contain erroneous indications;
  • information can be submitted showing the activities of data flow, the monitoring system and connected operator's or aircraft operator's procedure and which enhance the success of monitoring and reporting.

Before the verifier is obliged to implement verification, they are appropriately informed on the operator or aircraft operator and assess whether the verification can be implemented.

Last updated: 09. 08. 2016