Accessibility and use of biocidal products on the market

Biocidal products are any substances or mixtures which are composed of active substances, which contain them or are used for the production of one or more active substances and are used for destroying, deterring or neutralising pests, preventing their activity or eliminating these organisms in any way other than only with physical or mechanical treatment.

Biocidal products comprise disinfectants, chemicals used as preservatives, pest control products (non-agricultural purpose) and antifouling products.

Biocidal products are not available on the market and are not used without a permit.

The different types of permit depend on the procedure used and the area where a biocidal product is planned to be placed on the market.

A holder of permit is any individual or legal entity headquartered in the EU and responsible for placing a biocidal product on the market.

Conditions and evidence


Cross-border performance of activity is possible if the subject fulfils all the prescribed conditions.

Last updated: 10. 08. 2016