Implementation of trainings for the management of plant production products

The training for the management of plant protection products (PPP) is provided by contractors authorised by a competent authority who fulfil the prescribed conditions.

Contractors must provide a minimum number of trainings per year, take into account the restrictions regarding the number of participants of individual training, carry out the assessments of knowledge and verify the adequacy of applicants' education at the assessment of knowledge.

After a successfully passed examination, the contractor must issue the participant a card and enter him in the proper register.

Trainings may be conducted by lecturers who fulfil the prescribed conditions in individual expert fields of phytomedicine:

  • plant protection measures against pests;
  • PPP impacts on public health or
  • PPP impacts on the environment.

Lectures must be given in the Slovenian language.

Professional users, PPP sellers and PPP advisers as well as other persons who want to acquire the certificate on the acquisition of knowledge in the field of phytomedicine must pass proper trainings to manage PPP.

The training for PPP management comprises basic and advanced training. The basic training includes the course and written examination in professional fields of phytomedicine. The advanced training includes the refresher course without an examination.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 22. 09. 2016