Television programming and broadcasting activities

Television programming and broadcasting activity falls under the radio and television activity.

The radio and television activity is the creation (production) of television programmes with the purpose to publicly publish this content.

The activity also includes the forms of mutual transmission of radio and television programmes between individual issuers with the purpose to publicly publish this content.

The television activity comprises the activity of creating television programmes made of shows (films, documentaries, entertainment shows, live broadcasts, etc.). The shows may be of domestic production (local news, live shows), purchased or a combination of both.

They may be broadcasts by unit that prepared them or the programme is prepared to be broadcast by distributors, such as cable companies or satellite television operators. Programmes may be general or special (e.g. news, sports, education programmes, etc.).

The programmes are accessible free-of-charge or through subscription.The programmes where the subscriber can select a show at his request are also included. This activity also encompasses the transmission of data related to the television broadcast

Conditions and evidence

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