Wholesale of watches and jewellery

Commercial activity includes buying goods for further sale regardless of whether goods are sold in an unchanged or changed (working, processing and after treatment) condition. Wholesale is purchase of goods and its further sale to traders and other sole proprietors, legal persons and other individuals who are buying for the pursuit of his trade or profession.

To perform the commercial activities all minimum technical and spatial conditions must be met, information on merchandise must be compulsory managed and opening hours must be properly fixed. When conducting activities, the trader must provide regular verification of measuring instruments - instruments that are used for the billing of its services.

To pursue this activity, an entry permit is required.

To pursue trade activity, a wholesaler must meet the minimum technical and spatial conditions, manage data on merchandise, suitably determine opening hours.

Wholesale of watches and jewellery refers to the sale of articles of precious metals. Articles of precious metals are jewellery, goldsmiths', watchmakers' and silversmiths' wares, and other articles made fully or partially of precious metals or their alloys.

Precious metals include:

  • platinum,
  • gold,
  • palladium and
  • silver.

A supplier who may be the manufacturer, the manufacturer's representative or importer, must provide compliance of articles with the prescribed technical requirements prior to placing articles on the market. Compliance of articles of precious metals may be guaranteed by suppliers by:

  • submitting the articles to the Metrology Institute to test and mark them with a compliance mark or
  • by maintaining the prescribed technical documentation.


Articles of precious metals must be suitably labelled with the mark of a supplier, the marking concerning the standard of fineness and a compliance mark. Articles are marked manually or with laser engraving. A compliance certificate is issued for articles that are so tiny or sensitive that a suitable mark cannot be imprinted on them due to technical reasons.

Traders must provide suitable premises, and separate sale of certain articles of precious metals and other goods. An image of the compliance mark and a table of the standard levels of fineness must be placed on a visible spot at the place where articles are sold. A magnifying glass with which buyers can clearly see the marks on articles must be available.

Conditions and evidence

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