Establishing conformity of articles of precious metals

To pursue this activity, an entry permit is required.

The establishment of conformity of articles of precious metals is carried out by a legal entity or a sole trader appointed by the Metrology Institute (hereinafter referred to as ‘competent authority’). The procedure of conformity establishment commences on the basis of a request to test and mark articles of precious metals with a compliance mark submitted to the authority by a supplier.

During the procedure of conformity establishment, the competent authority establishes:

  • conformity of articles through quantitative chemical analyses,
  • the compliance with the standard of fineness,
  • and the compliance of markings.

During the pursuit of the activity, the competent authority must ensure the suitability of subcontractors, follow the instructions of the Institute and observe the national price list.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 06. 08. 2015