The felling activity includes:


Production of timber assortments such as logs, mine timber, poles, etc., production of firewood, gathering brushwood and forest waste for energy production.


Felling may be implemented as per the decision in the administrative procedure issued to a forest owner by the Slovenia Forest Service. Forest owners are not registered contractors of forest activities and are as such not obliged to fulfil the conditions regarding professional qualifications. For the implementation of forest felling the owners may hire a registered felling contractor who carries out the work pursuant to the regulations, guidelines and conditions determined by the decision issued in administrative procedure. The decision determines the maximum gross tree volume in m3 that may be felled during the validity of the decision. To ensure that only the selected trees are felled, the Slovenia Forest Service must mark the trees for potential felling. Felling and skidding time must be adjusted to the biological status of the forest. If possible, the felling is carried out outside the vegetation period or during the time when the wild animals are least disturbed. Unlike forest owners, felling contractors must fulfil the prescribed conditions. They must be registered to pursue the activity, have professionally qualified workers and prior to the first implementation of works lodge an application with the competent forestry inspection.

Conditions and evidence


For activities listed on the List of activities usually carried out as a craft, business entities registering these activities must also enter in the register of crafts at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia (OZS) ex officio. This applies to the following activities/services: forest charcoal-burning in a traditional way; Source: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology

Regulation on subsidiary on-farm activities

A subsidiary on-farm activity may start to be implemented after the finality of the permit for the pursuit of subsidiary on-farm activity and after all conditions determined by the sector regulations for the start of pursuing an individual subsidiary activity are fulfilled. It applies to the following activities/services: production of firewood from purchased timber assortments and production of wood chips in a processing facility or production of energy from purchased timber assortments; charcoal-burning, felling; production of firewood and wood chips from timber assortments for energy production.


Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food

Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 11. 08. 2016