Sale, maintenance and repair of motorcycles; sale of related parts and accessories (45.400)

This includes the following activities:

This also includes activities that are usually carried out as crafts:

    • wholesale and retail sale of large and small motorcycles, including mopeds,
    • wholesale or retail sail (also by mail)of individual parts and additional equipment for motorcycles,
    • the sale of motorcycles and equipment by means of agents. 

    This activity is placed on the list of activities that are usually carried out as a craft.

    When registering the activity in the Business Register, business entities pursuing this activity as a craft must be entered ex officio in the register of crafts at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia (OZS).

    Free entry in the register of crafts is performed based on a notification sent by the registering authority (AJPES) to OZS.

    Responsible: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology | Last updated: 11. 08. 2016