Auditing services, auditing

Auditing services or auditing means the auditing of financial statements, the provision of other guarantees and the implementation of other agreed procedures in the field of auditing. The purpose of auditing is to verify whether financial statements and other types of business of companies show the real state of business events in a certain year.

Auditing services may only be carried out by audit companies or independent auditors as sole trades who meet the prescribed conditions and have a licence to provide auditing services. Independent auditors may not perform the auditing of public limited liability companies which are large companies or companies whose shares are listed in regulated market, of banks, brokerage companies, management companies and other legal entities which provide financial services, and the auditing of consolidated financial statements.

Only persons with a licence to carry out the tasks of a certified auditor may provide auditing services in the name of an auditing company.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Finance | Last updated: 06. 08. 2015