Representation in the field of patents

In procedures before the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (hereinafter referred to as ‘Office’), clients may be represented by patent agents. Patent agents may be natural persons or legal entities entered in a suitable register of agents at the Office.

By their nature, inventions are technical creations, not legal: Therefore, they are generally dealt with by technical experts. As a rule, patent agents are legal experts and experts in the field of technology at the same time. Patent agents are not experts in the field of technology, but also experts in law that refers t intellectual property in its widest meaning.

Representation in the field of patents includes especially advisory services on possible manners of acquiring protection for an innovation in Slovenia and other countries, the drawing up of a patent application, and the representation of a client in the procedure for the acquisition of a patent before the Office. If the conditions for representation before courts and other authorities are met, representation in the field of patents also comprises representation in disputes regarding patents, additional protection certificates, models, trademarks and geographical designations for non-food foods and products.

Patent agents frequently provide their clients assistance regarding enquiries on the known technical state in various fields, provide advice to clients regarding the scope of protection provided by patents or other industrial property rights, provide assistance in the solving of disputes regarding the violation of patent or other rights held by other legal entities or natural persons, provide advice regarding possible measures against violators of rights held by their clients, provide assistance in concluding licence contract.

A patent agent may be:

  • a person with university education in technical or natural sciences who has passed professional examination for patent agents at the Office;
  • a lawyer or a law firm which employs a person who meets the conditions referred to in the previous item or which has concluded a contract with this person;
  • a legal entity which employs at least one person who meets the conditions referred to in the first item.

Conditions and evidence

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