Production of certified measuring instruments

To pursue this activity, an entry permit is required.

This involves the production of gauges used for measurements in the following fields:

  • protection of human and animals' health,
  • environmental protection and general technical safety,
  • goods and services traffic, and
  • procedures before administrative and judicial authorities.

This field includes:

  • production of non-electric measuring, testing and navigationdevices and equipment (except simple mechanical tools) such as:
    • production of precision laboratory scales; production of microscopes, except optical microscopes and diffractograms;
    • production of instruments for measuring and control of electric magnitudes such as oscilloscopes, spectrometers,
  • crosstalk gauges, ammeters, voltmeters, ohmmeters, etc.;
  • production of instruments or measuring and control of non-electric magnitudes such as:
    • radiation detectors and gauges, instruments for testing and regulation of car engines, etc.;
  • production of navigation, meteorological, geophysical and other instruments and devices such as surveying, oceanographic and hydrological instruments, seismometers, range finders, automatic pilots, sextants, ultrasound instruments, instruments and systems for air navigation, radars, flight recorder (black box), etc.;
  • production of electricity, water, gas, fuel, etc. meters;
  • production of machines and devices for testing mechanic qualities of materials;
  • production of instruments and devices for physical or chemical analyses such as polarimeters, photometers, refractometers, colorimeters, spectrometers, pH-meters, viscometers, instruments for measuring surface tension, etc.; production of instruments and devices for measuring or controlling flow, level, pressure or other magnitudes of liquids or gases such as flow meters, level indicators, manometers, etc.;
  • production of detectors of metals, mines, movement, polygraphs, etc.;
  • production of various instruments, devices and machines for measuring, control or testing such as hydrometers, hygrometers, thermometers (except medical), pyrometers, barometers, RPM gauges, taximeters, pedometers, tachometers, balancing machines, testing tables, comparators;
  • production of laboratory scales and various laboratory devices for measuring, testing, etc.

A more detail selection of measuring instruments is available on the website of the Metrology Institute.

A measuring instrument placed on the market must have a certificate and must be suitable marked.

Most measuring instruments anticipated for production must have the approval of types of measuring instruments carried out by the Metrology Institute via the conformity establishment procedure and by issuing a certificate.

This activity is placed on the list of activities that are usually carried out as a craft.

When registering the activity in the Business Register, business entities pursuing this activity as a craft must be entered ex officio in the register of crafts at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia (OZS).

Conditions and evidence

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