Organoleptic wine assessment

The organoleptic wine assessment is an integral part of the assessment of must, wine, and other grape and wine products that is required for such products prior to their sale, provided that they have a designation of variety or origin. The assessment is necessary in order to ensure the suitability of products for sale or in order to determine the designations for individual products.

The organoleptic assessment is carried out within the assessment on the basis of a client's order form prior to releasing a product for sale or on the basis of a request by the competent inspection with the purpose of verifying the suitability of assessment parameters.

The organoleptic assessment of samples is carried out by a committee of at least five tasters under the wing of authorised organisations. A taster is an individual who has appropriate education and has taken part in the required professional training programmes. Authorised organisations are organisations appointed by the ministry for carrying out assessment tasks.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 11. 08. 2016