Fish farming for restocking

Fish farming for restocking is carried out on the basis of a permit for fish farming for restocking.

Fish farming is farming that needs to be carried out in an aquaculture facility or fish farm:

  • from which restocking may be carried out,
  • which is separated from the natural environment by technical means and thus prevents the escape of farmed fish as well as the entry of fish from the natural environment,
  • in which conditions may be ensured that are in accordance with the needs of specific species and fish development stages,
  • where the quality of water meets the standards for the quality of surface water for the farming of Salmonidae and Cyprinids,
  • where the water temperature, water exchange, gas concentration, and other physical and chemical parameters of water suit the development stages or categories of individual fish species,
  • where farming may take place with proper hygiene,
  • where the intensive manner of farming enables farming of fish according to species, category, and purpose;
  • in which the ponds and fish farming equipment are such that they do not harm fish and
  • can be emptied and dried out.

Fish farming activities are carried out by a fish farmer who must be professionally trained. Water rights must be acquired for a fish farm and it also needs to be entered into the Central Register of Aquaculture Facilities and Commercial Ponds.

Restocking is the introduction of fish and is carried out by placing fish in water with the purpose of keeping the optimum structure and size of fish populations.  At the same time, fishing and unharmed favourable state of the species must be ensured.

It is only carried out with sustainably farmed fish and fish from fish farms, for which a permit has been obtained. Fish farming for restocking must take place in a proper manner and the origin of the fish must be verified.

In the event that fish are farmed with the purpose of restocking open waters, then the fish must be:

  • clinically healthy,
  • they may not originate from a fish farm or an area for the farming of molluscs with an unexplained increased death rate, and
  • they must originate from a fish farm with the health status "disease free".

Last updated: 11. 08. 2016