Retail of plant protection products for unprofessional use

Apart from specialised stores, the retail of plant protection products (PPP) for unprofessional use may also be pursued by other stores with exclusively non-food goods, if they are entered in the register of distributors.

The criteria for determining PPP for professional and unprofessional use in retail trade are the following:

  • type of hazard,
  • result of the assessment of an environmental impact,
  • packaging size determined in the Rules.

Only those plant protection products may be placed on the market and used in the Republic of Slovenia which have:

  • a decision on the registration or
  • a permit in emergencies or
  • a parallel trade permit or
  • a research and development permit.

Retail sale may only be carried out by traders who manage data on merchandise, suitably determine opening hours, meet the minimum technical and spatial conditions, and employ at least one commercial manager and one salesperson.

In pursuing the trade with PPP, other retail stores with exclusively non-food goods must provide general information on the health hazards of PPP use for people and environment.

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 09. 09. 2016