Fishing management

To pursue this activity, a concession and suitable personnel are required.

For the purposes of fishing management, including the sustainable use of fish, inland waters are divided into fishing areas, fishing environs, and fishing zones.

The borders of fishing areas and fishing environs are set forth by the relevant competent authority.

Fishing management encompasses:

  • programming,
  • carrying out measures for the conservation of a favourable level of fish,
  • for the sustainable use of fish,
  • for keeping the required records and reporting,
  • professional training, c
  • arrying out fishery keeping services,
  • activities regarding fish mortality, and other tasks,
  • including fish farming in some cases.

On the basis of a concession agreement, fishing management is carried out by fishing families (fishing management operator) in certain fishing environs. A concessionaire must meet the required conditions and must have professionally trained personnel for performing fishing management:

  • head of a fisheries holding,
  • electrofishing provider,
  • fishery keeper,
  • fish farmer (in the event that the concessionaire farms fish)\

The expert groundwork for comprehensive fishing management of a particular fishing area is the plan for fishing management in a fishing area. In certain fishing environs, the groundwork for fishing management is the fish farming plan. Both plans are drafted by the Fishing Association of Slovenia based on the opinions of the fishing management provider and the local community for a period of six years.

The fishing management provider carries out fishing management in a fishing environ on the basis of an annual plan drafted on the basis of the fish farming plan. The annual plan regulates the implementation of the fish farming plan for a particular year on the basis of the assessment of the situation in a fishing environ in the past year.

Conditions and evidence

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