Cultivation and protection of forests

The activity of cultivation of forests includes cultivation works for restoration and care for young plants as well as the care for pole stands and necessary protection works (prevention and preventive-weeding measures in forest).

Cultivation and protection works are determined in the decision in the administrative procedure issued to a forest owner by the Slovenia Forest Service. The cultivation of forest may be carried out by a forest owner alone or with a help of his statutory heirs and their spouses and other natural persons in a form of neighbour-to-neighbour assistance. For this purpose a forest owner may hire contractors to carry out works determined in the decision.

Contractors of forest works must be registered and lodge an application with the competent forest inspection prior to the start of works.

A contractor must adequately introduce to work all persons who carry out:

  • planting the seedlings of forest trees,
  • protection against wildlife,
  • less difficult harvesting,
  • preparation of soil for natural insemination and
  • undemanding works with hand tools.

Due to monitoring and strengthening of biotic balance in forests, a contractor provides the implementation of preventive protection works:

  • in forests and on individual forest trees outside the settlements of the Slovenia Forest Service;
  • on individual forest trees in the settlements these are carried out by the forest inspection.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 18. 09. 2015