Forest seed objects

An owner of a forest seed object:


must prior to the start of acquisition of seed material, parts of plants or plants from natural regeneration in his seed object provide an approval of seed object; observe guidelines for the care of a stand or a group of seed sources prepared by the Slovenian Forest Institute; prepare a management plan for a seed object prior to designing of a seed plantation, clone, clone mixture or tree plant parents which is confirmed by the Slovenian Forest Institute; take into account the confirmed management plan of designing and care of seed object; notify the Slovenian Forest Institute about any change of the data on the seed object from the seed object management plan no later than in 30 days from the occurrence of a change.


An application for the approval of the seed object, lodged on the prescribed form with the Slovenian Forest Institute, may be lodged by an owner of a land where the seed object is located, or a supplier, to whom the right to the acquisition of reproduction material was assigned.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 11. 08. 2016