Archaeological research

Archaeological research refers to works interfering with archaeological remains or archaeological heritage due to their protection and which are used to establish their authenticity, study their parts or acquire the data on their existence, importance, state and endangerment.

The research includes field and post-excavation or post-fieldwork procedures for the preparation of the final expert report on the research and the handover of the archive of the archaeological site to the authorised museum.

With regard to the way of interference in the archaeological remains, the research is divided into non-invasive, low-invasive and invasive research:

  • the non-invasive research is research which physically do not interfere with the archaeological remains or does not change them;
  • low-invasive research only partly interfere with the archaeological remains and does not change them;
  • invasive research interfere physically with the archaeological remains and change or remove them.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Culture | Last updated: 26. 11. 2015