Transport of national treasures

National treasures are a movable property regarded as one of the types of heritage:

  • weapons;
  • tools;
  • building equipment;
  • residential equipment;
  • clothing and personal items;
  • traffic and transport means;
  • items for games and spare time;
  • artistic items; items of use value;
  • ritual items; items of communication;
  • coat-of-arms, flags, prizes and awards;
  • means for trade and banking;
  • items for presentations and demonstrations;
  • machines and devices;
  • items of education, science and technology;
  • geological items;
  • botanical items;
  • zoological items;
  • human remains;
  • musical instruments;
  • other items of historic importance
which also fulfil one or more of the following requirements:
  • it has a status of a monument;
  • it is more than 100 years old archaeological finding originating from the excavations or sites on land or under water in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • it is more than 100 years old constituent of the immovable monument which was exhibited;
  • it is inventorised as a part of the museum collection entered in the register of museums as a part of a collection of a public archive or public library, or as a fixture, or as a part of a collection of a church or other religious community;
  • has cultural value for the Republic of Slovenia due to its importance. 

The transport of national treasures may be carried out by the owner or possessor if the climate conditions are fulfilled during the transport. The transport of vehicles is conduced as per the traffic regulations. A movable national treasure must be secured during the transport.

An owner or possessor must provide a safe transport of a national treasure.Such transport may be carried out only by the state or the authorised museum or person which fulfils the below stated conditions and conditions for the transport as per the regulations governing the private security.

Everyone who conducts the transports of national treasures must be registered as per regulations governing the register of companies and standard classification of activities for the activity which evidently shows that it carries out transports of national treasures.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Culture | Last updated: 26. 11. 2015