Preparation of conservation plans for renewal

A conservation plan for renewal shall be an obligatory integral part of a detailed physical planning act which represents the basis for an overall renewal of the area of settlement heritage, cultural landscape, or an area of other heritage which is a significant part of the space and constructed structures, which is a monument area, or a protection heritage area.

The conservation plan for renewal shall lay down development conditions and restrictions in the light of protection by spatial planning units.

The conservation plan for renewal provides the observance of social importance and developmental possibilities of heritage in spatial planning.

The conservation plan for renewal includes an analytical and designing part.

The analytical part includes:

  • introduction;
  • general characteristics of the heritage area in its wider sense;
  • spatial features of the heritage area in relation to the surroundings;
  • assessment of the state of the heritage in relation to the surroundings, heritage area and integral parts of the heritage area and
  • the summary of incentives and proposals, given by the local population in the heritage area.

The designing part includes:

  • spatial plan design and
  • the renewal plan.

Responsible: Ministry of Culture | Last updated: 26. 11. 2015