Production of agricultural products and foodstuffs

The production or growing of plant products, such as cereals, fruit, vegetables and herbs, their transport, storage and product processing fall under the primary production of foodstuffs of plant origin.

Holders of food industry which produce primary products of plant origin (fruit, vegetables, cereals in grain form, etc.) that are transported to collection centres, distribution (Spar, Mercator, cooperative society, etc.) and processing (Fructal, Mlinotest, etc.) must be registered with the competent authority as primary producers.

Agricultural products produced in farms may be directly sold to the final consumer by holders, members of a farm and employees on a farm who are entered in the Register of Agricultural holdings.

If the products fulfil the prescribed parameters, a producer may adequately protect or certify them.

The contractor of the activity 'production of agricultural products' who uses plant protection products (PPP) in his work must observe the rules for the correct use of PPP and use only PPP that are registered in Slovenia and acquire the permit in emergencies or a parallel trade permit, if necessary. The producers using the devices to apply PPP must provide regular inspections and proper denomination of such devices.

Conditions and evidence

Legal basis

Last updated: 18. 09. 2015