Employment brokerage

The employment brokerage is implemented with the purpose of coordinating the supply and demand for workers in the labour market in Slovenia and other European Union Member States, EEA and the Swiss Confederation. 

The employment brokerage includes the activities of searching of suitable or appropriate employment to the job-seeker and referring the job-seeker to the employer and the activities of searching of a suitable or appropriate worker for the employer. 

The service is implemented taking into account the education or profession, work experience and qualification of a job-seeker. 

The service is provided to the employer by the referring the agreed number of adequate beneficiaries in the agreed time, while the beneficiary is provided to be referred to the employer for the adequate or suitable job.

The beneficiaries to this service are the unemployed persons and registered job-seekers in the Republic of Slovenia, while also other job-seekers in the European Union Member States, EEA, and the Swiss Confederation. 

The service is implemented in the following manner:

  • review of demand of workers;
  • selection of beneficiaries;
  • referring the beneficiaries and notification of the employer about the referred beneficiaries;
  • monitoring the response of beneficiaries to the referrals, employment of beneficiaries, satisfaction of employers and beneficiaries and non-covered needs.

The following accessibility and keeping up to date standards must be considered at the implementation of the service:

  • the employment brokerage starts immediately or within two days after the application for an available job is received;
  • an appropriate number of beneficiaries are selected and referred to the available job with regard to the agreement with the employer, or up to five beneficiaries;
  • the selection procedure is closed until the publication of the available job or type of work at the latest;
  • if it is established that there are no appropriate beneficiaries for referral, the possibility to change the employment conditions.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities | Last updated: 27. 11. 2015