Institutional care of persons with progressive chronic or terminal disease

The care for persons with progressive chronic or terminal disease is a special form of institutional care, which is focused on mitigating psycho-physical symptoms of the disease and satisfying emotional and spiritual needs.

The care for persons with progressive chronic or terminal disease can be implemented only in specialised care facilities that are adapted to the needs of these persons and which enable the organisation of maximum two residential units for persons with special needs.

The persons with progressive chronic or terminal disease who are older than 18 years are entitled to such care.

Basic care in a care facility encompasses:

  • living in equipped, heated and maintained single or double bedrooms with sanitary premises, rooms for personal hygiene and joint lounges;
  • organised meals including at least three meals per day, adapted to the user's age and health;
  • maintenance and cleaning of premises, changing and washing bed sheets, washing, ironing, sowing and cleaning personal clothes and shoes.

Social care in a care facility encompasses:

  • assistance at keeping personal hygiene and implementing daily chores, including assistance at changing clothes, assistance at washing, feeding, performing all basic life necessities, maintaining and caring for personal orthopaedic devices;
  • care and assistance at preserving social contactsincluding the: establishment of the social network with the environment, volunteers and relatives, accompanying persons at performing their urgent matters, informing institutions on the condition and needs of the beneficiary, assistance at maintaining personal hygiene, getting up, clothing, moving, walking, communicating, orientation;
  • organising transport that is not medically indicated, and other special services;
  • psycho-social support and organisation of spiritual support adapted to the dying person and their relatives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The provider of institutional care service at a care facility is obliged to provide the implementation of health care upon the conclusion of a contract with the provider of services that has appropriate documents for the implementation of such activity, except in the case when the service provider implements the activity alone in accordance with the valid regulations.


Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 27. 11. 2015