Institutional care of persons with head injuries

Institutional care of persons with head injuries entails basic care, social care and health care.

The service is implemented by special social care institutions, care and occupational centres and special education institutions.

Basic care entails the residence, meals organisation, technical care and transport.

Social care is a professionally managed activity, intended for implementing the contents of social prevention, therapy and guiding the persons entitled to institutional care. It includes the implementation of care tasks, special care forms and guidance tasks.

Health care is implemented in accordance with the regulations in the field of health care.

The procedure of service implementation comprises initial provision of information, implementation of the procedure with regard to admission, content preparation for the admission of the beneficiary, signing of the agreement on service implementation and the preparation of the individual plan, accommodation and implementation of service and its termination.

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 27. 11. 2015