Execution of postal services

Postal services are implemented within the scope of postal and courier activities.

Postal and courier activities comprise: 

  • receipt, forwarding, transfer and delivers (in internal or international postal traffic) of letter and package shipments by the provider of services outside the framework of the universal postal service with different transfer possibilities;
  • the activity can be implemented by private and public companies;
  • delivery to the addressee's home;
  • delivery of food;
  • without preparation.

Postal services do not include:

  • transfer of shipment to an addressee, performed by the sender;
  • transfer of shipment in cases when the addressee and the sender are the same person and the transfer is not performed by the provider of postal services;
  • transfer of shipment that does not contain the full name of the addressee, but only partial address, e.g. postal area, settlement, street (including advertising, marketing and other messages that are not directly addressed to someone);
  • transport as an independent service.

Postal services can be performed by any natural or legal entity that sends a preliminary written or electronic notification to the Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia (AKOS). 

Conditions and evidence


Cross-border/occasional performance of activities is not included in the service directive and is implemented in accordance with the Directives 2002/39/EC, 2008/5/EC and 97/67/EC.

Legal basis

Responsible: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology | Last updated: 16. 08. 2016