Medical specialist service (dental medicine)

A specialist doctor of dental medicine performs health-care service as medical practice.

A specialist doctor of dental medicine can perform health-care service in the following fields: 

  • primary, secondary and tertiary service,
  • social medicine, hygienic, epidemiological and medical-ecological activity,
  • research institutes,
  • social and special social institutes,
  • health resorts. 

Professional activity (competences): 

  • examining, establishing and treating conditions of teeth, periodontal tissues and oral cavity;
  • conservative endodontic treatment;
  • fixed and removable prosthetics;
  • treatment of conditions of oral cavity and periodontal tissues;
  • dental and ghnatic orthopaedics, children’s and preventive dentistry;
  • surgery on soft and hard oral tissues;
  • coordination and construction of correct inter-dental and
  • inter-jaw relations. 
Private dental medicine is performed by specialist doctors of dental medicine, who can be legal entities licensed by the Ministry of Health or individuals entered in the register of private practitioners.

Conditions and evidence

Responsible: Ministry of Health | Last updated: 18. 12. 2015