Private medical practice

Medical practice includes measures and activities which, in accordance with medical doctrine and with the use of medical technology, are performed by health-care workers and non-medical professionals in the protection of health and prevention, detection and treatment of patients and injured persons.

Medical practice is performed at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Medical practice at the primary level includes basic medical practice and pharmaceutical activity; at the secondary level, it includes practice in specialised outpatients clinics and hospitals; at the tertiary level, it includes practice performed by clinics, clinical institutes or clinical departments and other authorised health-care institutions.

Secondary and tertiary level medical practice also includes public health activity and activities related to public health, environment and food.

Conditions and evidence


Before performing occasional or part-time medical service for the first time, the provider of the service must report this to the ministry responsible for health care. Before services are performed for the first time, the professional qualification of services is verified for professions which influence human health and safety.

These professions are:

  • medical biochemist specialist,
  • clinical psychologist,
  • sanitary engineer,
  • occupational therapist,
  • radiological engineer,
  • specialist for speech-language pathologist,
  • physical therapist,
  • laboratory biomedicine engineer,
  • orthotist and prosthetist,
  • pharmaceutical technician,
  • nursing care technician,
  • laboratory technician,
  • dental technician.
Responsible: Ministry of Health | Last updated: 23. 10. 2017