Maintenance of railway vehicles

Maintenance of vehicles is preventive preservation of a satisfying technical state of a vehicle. Vehicle maintenance constantly enables reliable, safe, regulated, economic and environmentally-friendly railway traffic. Vehicle maintenance is performed in authorised workshops.

The maintenance of vehicles is performed:

  • ordinarily – periodically or planned in advance;
  • extraordinarily – to eliminate deficiencies, defects and damage.

Permanent maintenance and audits are performed for maintenance purposes. Permanent maintenance of vehicles comprises supervision, care, control inspections and irregular maintenance. Audits are repairs where all, certain or sets of parts must be inspected, measured and, if necessary, repaired to establish the prescribed technical state of vehicles.

Conditions and evidence


The maintenance of freight wagons is implemented in accordance with Regulation 445/2011/EC. The maintenance of other haulage vehicles is not subject to the Services Directive. 

Responsible: Ministry of Infrastructure | Last updated: 16. 08. 2016