Implementation of radiation activities

Radiation activity is any a human activity that can increase the exposure of individuals to ionising radiation from an artificial source, or from a natural radiation source where natural radionuclides are processed for their radioactive, fissile or fertile properties. Radiation activity does not entail emergency measures or an activity where individuals are exposed to radon in their residential premises or to a natural level of radiation which is the result of radionuclides in the human body, on the ground or in the ground or due to cosmic radiation on ground surface.

Radiation activity in health care and radiation activity in veterinary practice are under the jurisdiction of the Slovenian Radiation Protection Administration and are considered separately:

The conditions hereinafter refer to other radiation activities that are under the jurisdiction of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Nuclear Safety. Radiation activities are: 

  • use of radiation sources;
  • use of X-ray devices;
  • maintenance, calibration and similar works implemented on radiation sources;
  • work in a supervised area;
  • use of electronic microscopes;
  • use of particle accelerators;
  • reuse of radioactive substances or materials containing radioactive substances;
  • processing of radioactive substances or materials containing radioactive substances;
  • transport of nuclear substances;
  • transport of radioactive substances;
  • development of equipment and technology, which is nuclear goods;
  • production of equipment and technology, which is nuclear goods;
  • disassembly of a radiation facility;
  • disassembly of a nuclear facility;
  • management of a nuclear facility;
  • management of a radiation facility;
  • export of general use items with intentionally added radioactive substances;
  • import of general use items with intentionally added radioactive substances;
  • intentional addition of radioactive substance in the production of general use items;
  • production and other similar works implemented at radiation sources.

A radiation facility is: 

  • a facility with one or several sources of radiation, intended for ionising radiation and for which it is likely to cause overexposure of individuals;
  • a facility with one or several unsealed radiation sources which are likely to cause overexposure of individuals due to the release of radioactive substances in the environment;
  • a facility from which, due to the carrying out of radiation practices, radioactive substances with an activity exceeding ten times exemption level are annually discharged into the environment;
  • a facility intended for the extraction, processing and enrichment of nuclear mineral raw materials; and
  • a repository of mine tailings and hydro-metallurgical tailings, produced in the extraction of nuclear raw materials..

Radiation activity provider must prior to the start of activity notify the intent for the implementation of radiation activity, acquire a suitable permit for the performance of radiation activity and the permit to use the source of radiation or the confirmation on the entry of the source of radiation in the register of radiation sources. If there are new radiation activities or if new radiation sources are used or there is a new method of using the existing sources of radiation, the provider must prove the eligibility of radiation activity and/or the use of radiation source.

They must ensure the optimum protection of people and the environment against ionising radiation at the implementation of radiation activity by imposing appropriate measures and ensure the exposure under the determined limit values. Appropriate measures and staff that fulfil the prescribed conditions must be guaranteed to implement the prescribed measures. They must perform regular radioactivity measurements and ensure the elimination of consequences in the case of an extraordinary event.

They must obtain the appropriate permit for the entry and removal in the EU Member States, import, export of nuclear and radioactive substances, transit of nuclear and radioactive substances and the permit or consent for the entry and removal in the EU Member State, import, export and transit of radioactive waste and spent fuel.

Conditions and evidence

Legal basis

Last updated: 16. 08. 2016