Boat management

A boat is a vessel that is less than 24 metres long.

Boats are used for:

  • commercial purposes (transport of passengers and cargo, fishing or performing other commercial activities),
  • personal purposes (sport, entertainment, own needs transport),
  • public purposes (safety of navigation, supervision).

Boats include:

  • sea boat,
  • inland navigation boat,
  • boat for personal purposes,
  • boat for commercial purposes,
  • public boat,
  • fishing boat,
  • hydrofoil,
  • water scooter,
  • raft.

A boat must be registered in the boat register and managed by an appropriately qualified person who has the navigation permit.

Conditions and evidence


Cross-border implementation of boat management activity is implemented if the conditions are fulfilled in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia.

Last updated: 16. 08. 2016